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How Long Should An Executive Resume Be?

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In this article, we will discuss the ideal length of an executive resume, from one page to two pages. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each, as well as the best way to structure your document. After reading our tips, you will be well on your way to an impressive resume. Listed below are three tips on how to create a resume that will impress hiring managers. If you are still unsure, check out our tips.

One page

According to a new survey by CareerBuilder, only 6% of respondents say that a one-page executive resume is preferable. This skewed opinion is surprising given the widespread perception that it is essential for grabbing the attention of decision makers. The survey dispels that notion by examining preferences of professionals all over the world. Among the top concerns for employers today is whether the resume will be long enough to convey a candidate’s experience and achievements.

Two pages

When writing your resume, you should focus on the most important details. For example, if you are an experienced executive and have worked in the financial sector for more than a decade, you can include your work experience in a two-page resume. If you are a recent graduate, you can include your educational background in one page, but if you are in the middle of your career, you should include your education and training in two-page format.

Three pages

As an executive, your executive resume should be focused. Ideally, a resume should only be two pages, but you can add a third page if you want to highlight extras like your community leadership or publications. This additional page will act as an addendum to your resume, and should focus on recent publications and speaking engagements. Remember that your resume should showcase your greatest strengths and achievements, not your past experiences. It’s not appropriate to include experiences from 15 years ago because they’ll be outdated.

Four pages

An executive resume is not just a passive document. If done properly, it can advance your career. Too often, people think of executive resumes as a last resort, waiting until they’re unemployed. This is a major disservice to the job seeking process, as it puts a lot of pressure on them to finish the resume quickly. Here are some tips for constructing an executive resume:

Five pages

While an executive resume should be two pages long, there are some extras that can be included on the third page, such as publications, speaking engagements, and community leadership. These extras can serve as a kind of addendum to the resume, so focus on recent publications. Your goal is to display your subject matter expertise and highlight your accomplishments. In addition, you should be clear on which positions you are pursuing.

Six pages

An executive resume needs to show a broad scope of authority without boring the reader with details. The most unique qualities of an executive don’t appear in job descriptions, but in your accomplishments. Focus on concrete facts and show that you have made a difference through your accomplishments. Six pages for an executive resume should be at least six to seven pages in length. Besides, this is a chance to sell yourself to the hiring manager.

Seven pages

When writing an executive resume, there are several things you need to keep in mind. The top one-fourth or third of the document is critical, as this will tell the reader at a glance what you have to offer, how you are a good match for the role, and what you have accomplished. Write your resume as if you were the reader, and make it clear how you add value. The goal of your executive resume is to capture the attention of the reader and help them decide whether they want to meet you or not.

Ten pages

While the length of your executive resume is entirely up to you, the following tips can help you make it as impressive as possible. First, your resume should not be an obituary of your career. Instead, it should be written with the needs of the employer in mind, so make sure you address the key points of the job description. If your executive resume is impressive, you may consider going over the recommended two pages with extra pages.

Twenty pages

The length of an executive resume is highly variable, but it should be at least two pages, perhaps longer if the candidate has extensive experience. An executive resume should grab the reader’s attention within the first half of the first page, so that they continue to read it. After this, they can quickly decide whether or not to read the entire document. If not, a resume with too few details may look dated.

Thirteen pages

Depending on the position, an executive resume should be between eight and thirteen pages long. However, the length of a resume is entirely up to the individual. For example, if you’re looking to become a director of business development, your resume should focus on the areas of business development and sales. However, if you’re looking for a more general position, a ten-page resume would be more appropriate.

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