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Buyers Guide to Sex in Sin City – A Buyer’s Guide

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A book by David Seidler is Buyers Guide to Sex in Sin City. He is both an author and the editor of a local newspaper’s sex advice column, so many people are always asking him sexual acts in a movie and also little books about it.

It should be noted that there aren’t any particular sex scenes in this book but countless writings concerned with sex as well as sexuality in Sin City. The book takes us through the film starting from its inception all the way up to its climax and the nudity therein including the bloodshed aspects. It also contains some other minor brief scenes depicting sexual acts which hardly seem like they have anything to do with film but are just as suggestive as any pornographic ones.

One scene that really struck me was when Mickey Rourke, playing Mickey’s boss comes into the bar were these two guys are seated at a booth with these girls. He goes over to them and asks who they are, then he asks them if they want to see a show. After Mickey has arrived at the booth, Tony shows up. And while Mickey is shocked once he realizes it is his commanding officer.

Thereafter comes a brief moment where Frank Castle (Ray Winstone) talks with Mickey at a bar after walking down the street alongside Tony. He pulls out his gun from his jacket before firing it; but before he does that, however, instead points his own gun at him. In one swift move, Frank understands that he cannot kill Mickey thus runs after him.

This edition of course includes all sex scenes used in shooting making it good thing for this version only since many movies have challenges during directing their films such as not following script chronology while filming their love making scenes throughout production sessions shot not according sequence by sex for example those 3 or 4 minutes remaining before end of the film but they are structured this way between the sex scenes and finally hospital one where Mickey gets shot.

For those who loved the movie, the book enables them to know if actors were really in their acts. Read through whole script to understand how characters behave as well as talk.

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